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STSPIN32 Based Plug-and-Play Prototype Boards for Controlling 3-Phase Brushless Motors in Cordless Home and Garden Power Tools

STSPIN32 Based Plug-and-Play Prototype Boards
STSPIN32 Based Plug-and-Play Prototype Boards

Based on the highly integrated STSPIN32 motor-control System in Package, STMicroelectronics has introduced STEVAL-PTOOL1V1 and STEVAL-PTOOL2V1, two new plug-and-play boards for controlling 3-phase brushless motors powered by up to 56V Li-ion batteries in cordless home and garden power tools.


With a footprint of 70 mm x 30 mm, the STEVAL-PTOOL1V1 is suitable for equipment powered by 7.4V- to 22.2V Li-ion battery packs with continuous current up to 15A and standby current less than 1µA. The STEVAL-PTOOL1V1 is supported by the STSPIN32F0B motor controller, which contains an STM32F0* microcontroller, 3-phase half-bridge gate driver, 12V and 3.3V voltage regulators, an op-amp for current sensing. The device also offers various power stage protection features such as programmable over-current protection (OCP), cross-conduction prevention, and under-voltage lockout (UVLO).


The STEVAL-PTOOL2V1 is suitable for equipment with a battery size of 29.6V to 55.5V and delivers up to 19A continuous current. The device is controlled by the STSPIN32F0252 motor controller, which contains a 3-phase 250V gate driver, an STM32F0 microcontroller, and a comparator designed to offer very fast and flexible OCP. Within the board footprint of 77 mm x 54 mm, the device features an onboard bus voltage sensing and offers enhanced reliability of power tools.


Both the boards feature a potentiometer for speed variation, inputs for trigger and rotation-direction setting, thermal shutdown, and protection against reverse biasing of power-stage outputs. The STEVAL-PTOOL1V1 priced at $41.00 and STEVAL-PTOOL2V1 priced at $69.00 are available now.


Features of STEVAL-PTOOL1V1 Motor-Control System

  • 7 V - 45 V motor voltage rating supported
  • Output current up to 15 Arms
  • STSPIN32F0B advanced 3-phase motor controller tailored for single-shunt applications
  • STL180N6F7 60 V, 1.9 mΩ N-channel power MOSFET
  • Ultra-low standby current below 1µA thanks to an external turn-on/off trigger
  • Input connector for Hall effect sensors and encoder
  • Heatsink for improved power dissipation
  • Six-steps sensorless control available through dedicated BEMF sensing circuitry and sensorless / sensored Field Oriented Control


Features of STEVAL-PTOOL2V1 Motor-Control System

  • Input voltage from 20 VDC to 72 VDC
  • Output current up to 19 Arms
  • Overcurrent threshold set to 36 A peak
  • Bus voltage sensing
  • 12 V VCC and 3.3 V VDD supplies
  • STL130N8F7 MOSFETs power stage featuring: VDS = 80 V; RDS(on) max.= 3.6 mΩ; PowerFlat 5x6 package


Note: More technical information can be found in the STEVAL-PTOOL1V1 and STEVAL-PTOOL2V1 datasheets linked at the bottom of this page and on the STEVAL-PTOOL1V1 and STEVAL-PTOOL2V1 product page.

Component Datasheet

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