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S9013 NPN Transistor

The S9013 is a medium-power NPN transistor used for general purpose switching and amplification. It features a high transition frequency of 140MHz, making it suitable for high-frequency applications. It also has a relatively large collector current capacity of 500mA.  


S9013 Pinout Description

Pin Number

Pin Name




Current flows out of this terminal



Current into this terminal controls current between the collector and emitter



Current flows into this terminal


Features and Specifications

  • 25V collector-emitter breakdown
  • 500mA collector current
  • Gain min. 40 and max. 300
  • 140MHz transition frequency
  • TO-92 package with 650mW power dissipation


Note: Complete technical details can be found in the S9013 datasheet linked at the end of this page.


S9013 Equivalent

2N2222, 2N5551


How To Use S9013 Transistor

The S9013 is a high current fast NPN transistor that can be used for general-purpose switching and amplification. It has a transition frequency of 140MHz. The transition frequency of a transistor is the frequency at which current gain drops to one, beyond which the transistor can no longer amplify signals. This limited bandwidth is due to internal parasitic capacitances.

The S9013 also has a high collector current rating of 500mA. However, at high currents, the gain drops off rapidly and a base current of up to 50mA is needed to achieve high collector currents. The power dissipation must also be taken into account. While the package is capable of dissipating 625mW, the thermal resistance of the TO-92 case limits the practical power dissipation. The thermal resistance is specified in degrees Celsius per watt. It specifies the rise in temperature for given power dissipation, and the junction temperature must never rise above 150˚C.



  • High-frequency amplifiers
  • Switching converters
  • High-current drivers


2D Model and Dimensions

S9013 Transistor 2D Dimensions

Component Datasheet

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