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Mini MP1584 DC-DC 3A Adjustable Buck Module

Mini MP1584 3A is a small size adjustable buck module. The module has an onboard high-frequency step-down switching regulator with an integrated internal high-side high voltage power MOSFET. The module can provide a maximum current of 3 Amperes and has a wide input voltage range that accommodates various step-down applications.


Features and Specifications of MP1584 DC-DC Buck Module

This section mentions some of the features and specifications of the MP1584 buck module

  1. Input Voltage: 4.5V-28V DC
  2. Output Voltage: 0.8V-20V DC
  3. Maximum Output Current: 3A
  4. Internal Soft-start
  5. Programmable Switching Frequency from 100kHz to 1.5MHz


Alternatives for MP1584 DC-DC Buck Module

LM2576, LM2596, TPS613223ADBVT, XL7015


Equivalents for MP1584 DC-DC Buck Module

MP2307 Mini


Pin Configuration of MP1584 DC-DC Buck Module

The module is small in size and has only input and output pins. The module also consists of an output adjustable potentiometer. The table below shows the pin configuration of the MP1584 buck module.

Pin Type

Pin Description

IN +

Positive Input Voltage Terminal

IN -

Negative Input Voltage Terminal


Positive Output Voltage Terminal


Negative Output Voltage Terminal

Note: The onboard potentiometer can be used to regulate the output voltage; it boosts up the output voltage when rotated clockwise whereas, bucks the output voltage when rotated counter-clockwise.


Functional circuit for MP1584 DC-DC Buck Module

The image shows a basic configuration or the functional circuit of the module. The MP1584 is used as the main switching regulator on the board. The role of a buck converter is to lower down a voltage level. The operation of the circuit depends upon the state of the switching regulator.

MP1584 Circuit

Some of the reference pins of the MP1584 IC from the circuit above are discussed. The FREQ(Frequency pin) pin on the IC decides the switching frequency. Connecting a resistor from it to the ground can be used to set the switching frequency. The EN(Enable pin) is used to control the chip’s ON/OFF state. The FB(Feedback pin) is the input for the error amplifier. The output voltage is set by a voltage divider(Potentiometer in the module) across output and ground.


Applications of MP1584 DC-DC Buck Module

Here are some of the applications of the MP1584 buck module.

  1. Distributed power supply
  2. Automotive systems
  3. Industrial power systems
  4. Robotics
  5. Toy cars


2D Model of MP1584 DC-DC Buck Module

MP1584 DC-DC Buck Module Dimensions

Component Datasheet

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