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TC78B011FTG IC: Hall Sensorless Sine-Wave Three-Phase Brushless DC Motor Control Pre-Driver IC

Hall Sensorless Sine-Wave PWM Predriver IC
Hall Sensorless Sine-Wave PWM Predriver IC

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation has launched new three-phase brushless DC motor control pre-driver IC TC78B011FTG  that is designed for high-speed motors, including those used in server fans and blowers, and in the suction motors of cordless and robot vacuum cleaners. This IC adopts a sine-wave drive method that does not use Hall sensor control which helps to reduce vibration and noise.  


This new IC features a built-in closed-loop speed control function that allows a detailed speed profile to be programmed into the IC’s non-volatile memory (NVM), securing suppression of fluctuations in rotation speeds due to power supply voltage or load fluctuations without any need for an external MCU. It also realizes a closed-loop speed control function without an external microcontroller.



  • Sine-wave drive

  • Sensorless PWM drive

  • Capable to drive Delta or Wye configured motors

  • Operating voltage: 5.5 to 27V (absolute maximum rating: 30V)

  • Predriver for high side and low side N-ch MOSFETs drive

  • 8 selectable levels of gate drive current

  • Built-in closed loop speed control with adjustable speed curve

  • Motor speed control by analog voltage, PWM duty cycle, or I2C



  • Fans for servers

  • Cordless vacuum cleaner suction motors

  • Robot vacuum cleaner suction motors

  • Pumps

  • Blowers

Component Datasheet

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