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Power Bank Module T6845-C (5V Step-Up Power Module Lithium Battery Charging Protection Board USB)

The 5V Step-Up Power Module Lithium Battery Charging Protection Board or the Power bank module contains a single chip that has multiple applications. This module is widely used as a power bank application, as it can provide large load currents and large discharge currents up to 1A, which is ideal for device charging. The module has onboard LEDs to indicate charging and discharging.


Features and Specifications of Power Bank Module T6845-C

This section mentions some of the features and specifications of the power bank module T6845-C.

  1. Input Voltage: 3.7V - 5.5V DC
  2. Output Voltage: 5V DC
  3. Output Current: 1A
  4. Charging Current: 1A
  5. Discharging limit: 2.9V
  6. Maximum standby current: 8uA


Note: Complete technical information can be found in the T6845-C Datasheet linked at the bottom of this page.


Pin Configuration of Power Bank Module T6845-C

The pin configuration of the module is pretty simple and can be easily understood by the following image.

T6845-C Module Description

The image shows the two USB port connectors, battery connector points (Battery-, Battery+), and the charge controller IC used. The module has two USB ports; USB A and Micro B USB port. USB A is for the output which can be connected to a device that is to be charge (discharging USC Output), whereas the Micro B USB port can be connected to a 5V adapter to charge the batteries (Charging USB Input).


Note: When the batteries are charging, the red LED flashes, and when the batteries are fully charged red LED glows for a long time.


Alternatives for Power Bank Module T6845-C



Applications of the Power Bank Module T6845-C

Here are some of the applications of T6845-C:

  1. Power Banks
  2. Solar Panels
  3. Speakers


2D Model of Power Bank Module T6845-C

Below is the 2D model of the PowerBank T6845 module along with its dimensions in millimeters. The following information can be used while making custom footprints of the module and be used for PCB designing and CAD modelling.

T6845-C Module Dimensions

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