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New Flameproof Wirewound Resistor Series offers Enhanced Product Safety and Simplification of UL Approval for Power Supplies and Monitoring Applications

Flameproof Wirewound Resistor Series
Flameproof Wirewound Resistor Series

TT Electronics has introduced the new WHS-UL Resistors that offer enhanced surge and pulse energy withstand capability and are designed for inrush control applications, such as power supplies, UPS, energy metering, and motor drives. A UL1412-recognised fusible resistor (UL file E234469), the WHS-UL provides failsafe fusing at 120 / 240Vrms with a UL94-V0 flameproof coating and guarantees safe fusing in fault condition overloads from as low as 30W.


Available in 2, 3, and 5W sizes and at E24 values from 10 to 100 ohms, these resistors offer up to 30J of surge energy capacity and 7kV peak 1.2/50µs performance. The WHS-UL is available in a wide range of lead preforms, including the vertical radial form in tape and ZI form for SMD processing.



  • Enhanced surge & pulse energy capacity

  • UL1412 recognised fusible resistor (UL file E234469)

  • Failsafe fusing at 120 / 240Vrms

  • UL94-V0 flameproof coating

  • Leadform options including surface mountable



  • Power supplies

  • UPS

  • Energy metering

  • Motor drives

Component Datasheet

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