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New 4th Gen Fast Recovery Diodes Improve Power Supply Efficiency and Reduce Noise Measures in Air Conditioners and EV Charging Stations

4th Generation Fast Recovery Diodes
4th Generation Fast Recovery Diodes

ROHM has developed the new RFL/RFS series of 4th Generation 650V fast recovery diodes (FRDs) that feature low forward voltage (VF), fast reverse recovery time (trr) respectively, along with ultra-low noise characteristics and are ideal for industrial and consumer equipment that handles large amounts of power, such as air conditioners and EV charging stations. Both products contribute to higher power supply efficiency through optimal design based on circuit requirements. Furthermore, ultra-low noise diode recovery characteristics are achieved, they help to reduce both workload and components for noise.


These diodes combine low VF for more efficient operation with fast trr characteristics that provide less loss and ultra-low noise during switching OFF. Optimizing the device structure and materials allows the RFL/RFS series to achieve the optimum balance of VF and trr, which are important characteristics for FRDs but are in a trade-off relationship. The low VF RFL series reduces VF by approx. 3.2% and trr by about 8.3% over the conventional RFN series, while the high-speed RFS series decreases VF by approx. 17.9% vs the conventional RFUH series.



  • Ultra-fast recovery / Ultra-soft recovery type

  • Ultra-low switching loss

  • High current overload capacity

  • Low forward voltage



  • PFC (Power Factor Correction) circuits in air conditioners, washers, refrigerators, etc.

  • Secondary rectifier circuits in EV charging stations and the like

  • Inverter circuits in machine tool robots, compressors, etc.

  • Power supplies for servers, base stations, and more.


Availability and Pricing

These new diodes are now available with pricing at $5.14/unit (samples, excluding tax).

Component Datasheet

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