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MJE13001 NPN Power Transistor

The MJE13001 is a common BJT NPN switching transistor that is found in lamp ballasts and (cheap) phone chargers because of its high breakdown voltage and current capacity. It comes both in an SMD SOT-89 variant and a TO-92 THT variant.


MJE13001 Pinout Description

Pin Number

Pin Name




Current into this terminal controls conduction between the collector and emitter



Current flows into this terminal



Current flows out of this terminal


Features and Specifications

  • 600V collector-emitter breakdown
  • 200mA collector current
  • Current gain of up to 70
  • SOT-89 and TO-92 package
  • Power dissipation 750mW (TO-92), 550mW (SOT-89)


Note: Complete technical details can be found in the MJE13001 datasheet linked at the end of this page.



APT13005D, MJE13007


How To Use MJE13001

The MJE13001 is an NPN bipolar transistor featuring a high breakdown voltage of 600V between the collector and emitter and a medium emitter current of 200mA. The high breakdown voltage and current-carrying capability make it particularly suited for low-power SMPS and lamp ballasts. It can also be used to switch loads at high voltages.

Since this is a high voltage transistor, it has a few differences when compared to a lower voltage transistor. The first is the high base-emitter voltage of up to 1.1V, instead of the usual 0.6V. This must be accounted for when designing the driving circuitry. The cut-off current is also relatively high – 200uA when there is no base-emitter bias. This might cause problems upstream, and should be taken into account. The storage time is specified as 1.5us, meaning the transistor takes at least 1.5us to turn off after being turned on. This can be mitigated to some extent by adding a capacitor parallel to the base resistor to quickly remove current from the transistor base.



  • Fluorescent lamp
  • Electronic ballast
  • Rectifier circuits


2D Model and Dimensions

MJE13001 Dimensions

Component Datasheet

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