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Low Current Voltage Regulator Diode Portfolio Extends Battery-Time and Saves PCB Space in Automotive and Industrial Applications

Low Current Voltage Regulator Diode Portfolio
Low Current Voltage Regulator Diode Portfolio

Nexperia has announced a comprehensive range of low current voltage regulator diodes that are ideal for low bias and portable battery-powered devices in mobile, wearable, automotive, and industrial applications. The new 50µA Zener diode range is available in three different surface-mountable (SMD) package options, in an ultra-small Discretes Flat No-leads (DFN) package and AEC-Q101 qualified parts, providing the ultimate in customer choice and flexibility.


These Zeners feature a non-repetitive peak reverse power dissipation of ≤40W, total power dissipation ≤300mW, and low dynamic resistance. With 40 new types per package option covering nominal working voltages from 1.8V to 75V, this range is available in the ultra-low-profile surface-mountable SOT23 (BZX8450), SOD323 (BZX38450), and SOD523 packages (BZX58550), and leadless DFN1006BD-2 (BZX8850S) package. Moreover, they are also available as Q-portfolio parts, meeting the AEC-Q101 and ISO/TS16949 automotive quality standards.



  • Tolerance series: approximately ± 5 %

  • Working voltage range: nominal 1.8 V to 75 V

  • Specified at a low test current (50 μA), ideal for low bias and portable battery-powered applications

  • Packages options: SOT23, SOD323, SOT523 and leadless DFN1006BD-2

  • Automotive parts qualified according to AEC-Q101 and recommended for use in automotive applications



  • Low-current general regulation functions

  • Mobile and wearable devices

  • Industrial

  • Automotive



The 50 µA Zeners are already available as samples and in volume production quantities.

Component Datasheet

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