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Lakefield Chip – A 10 Nano Meter Processor from Intel

Lakefield Chip – A 10 Nano Meter Processor from Intel
Lakefield Chip – A 10 Nano Meter Processor from Intel


During the 2019 CES conference Intel has demonstrated its new ultra compact 10nm Processor called the Lakefield. These processors consists of a hybrid CPU that packs in a 10nm Sunny Cove Core CPU and four other 10nm based small Atom core CPUs.  Hence this small form factor also delivers a suprising performance with low power consumption. This property helps the CPU to be used in lighter and portable devices like foldable phones, tablets, drones, smart home devices etc.


Few months back Intel spoke about its Foveros 3D packing technology where it outlined the possibility of stacking PC components on top of one other to reduce the processor size. The Lakefield processors uses the same Foveros 3D design to reduce its form factor. With this design the entire computer can be designed to be less than the size of five quarters.


The 10nm high-performance Sunny Cove core with four Intel Atom® processor-based cores into a tiny package that delivers low-power efficiency with graphics and other IPs, I/O and memory. The result is a smaller board that provides OEMs more flexibility for thin and light form factor design and is packed with all the technology people have come to expect from Intel including long battery life, performance and connectivity. Lakefield is expected to be in production this year.

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