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FH69 Series: Back Flip FPC/FFC Connector Series with Top and Bottom Independent Two-Point Contact Design

FH69 Back Flip FPC/FFC Connector Series
FH69 Series: Back Flip FPC/FFC Connector Series

Hirose Electric has released the FH69 Series of back flip FPC/FFC connector series with automotive quality and top and bottom independent two-point contact design. This series with independent spring properties ensures high contact reliability and the back flip design prevents unexpected actuator opening due to upward FPC/FFC routing stress.


This series with the heat-resistant material and a unique contact design ensure 125°C heat resistance and high vibration resistance which makes it a suitable product even in harsh in-vehicle environments.



  • Industry's first top and bottom 2-point contact design prevents dust intrusion.

  • Greater Design Flexibility

  • Improved Workability

  • FPC/FFC Mis-mating detection

  • Reduced switching time

  • 125℃ Heat Resistance

  • Passes Strict Automotive Testing Requirements

  • Halogen-Free



·        Automotive applications

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