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Digital Multiphase Controller with Pin-Strapped Configurations for Telecom and General-Purpose Applications

AOZ97774QE Digital Multiphase Controller
AOZ97774QE Digital Multiphase Controller

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor has introduced the new AOS Digital Controller product portfolio “AOZ97774QE” which provides DC/DC power conversion from the 12V power rail to Point-of-Load voltage for all main subsystems of the 5G wireless network, including CU, DU, and RU platforms. The AOZ97774QE controller is offered in a QFN 5mm x 5mm package and is specifically designed to meet the specifications of the Intel VR13 infrastructure applications. Moreover, this device supports the high accuracy IMON/TMON input for use with AOS or Smart Power Stages (SPS).


The AOZ97774 controller offers up to 15 stored pin-strapped configurations and NVM configuration, with 1,000 times read/write capability for maximum flexibility. This controller is powered by a single 3.3V supply and provides output voltage with 0.5% accuracy. AOS’s proprietary Digital COT architecture provides ultra-fast load transient response and enables stable and low voltage ripple operation with small-sized ceramic capacitors, further reducing solution size and cost.



  • Digital Voltage Mode Constant On-Time Control

  • Fully configurable through PMBUSTM

  • Provides 15 pin strap selectable device configurations, including NVM configuration

  • Supports high accuracy IMON/TMON with AOS’s industry-standard footprint SPS

  • Supports Intel VR13 SVID

  • Power monitoring of the 12V input supply

  • Auto DPM – Dynamic Phase Management

  • Ripple Reduction at light load

  • Ceramic capacitor stable

  • Overvoltage, Undervoltage, and Overcurrent protection

  • Overtemperature protection

  • Phase Fault and Feedback Disconnection protection

  • Black Box fault recording



  • General Purpose, up to 3-phase applications

  • Network Processor, ASIC, and FPGA Power

  • High-current power regulation for VR13 Intel-based microprocessors

  • DDR Memory power regulation for VR13 Intel-based systems


Availability and Pricing

The AOZ97774QE Controller is currently available in production quantities with a lead-time of 12 weeks. The unit price for 1,000 pieces is $2.88.

Component Datasheet

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