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Digi-Key Now Exclusively Offers the XPLR-IoT-1 Kit from u-blox

Digi-Key Exclusively Stocks New u-blox XPLR-IoT-1 Kit
Digi-Key Exclusively Stocks New u-blox XPLR-IoT-1 Kit

Digi-Key Electronics has announced that the XPLR-IoT-1 explorer kit from u-blox is now available for purchase globally, exclusively from Digi-Key. The XPLR-IoT-1 kit is a ready-to-use development platform with key IoT components and services for many different use cases and applications. The kit includes GNSS, cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth technology, along with cloud communications services.


The kit includes everything needed for an out-of-the-box experience and the initial setup is fast and easy. With only a few initial steps, the kit can publish data to the cloud and demonstrate a complete end-to-end solution, and a rechargeable battery allows for portable operation. For position, a low-power GNSS receiver provides accurate data. The explorer kit also has integrated sensors for temperature, humidity, pressure, and ambient light, along with a magnetometer, gyroscope, accelerometer, and battery gauge.


Josh Mickolio, wireless and IoT business development manager at Digi-Key said "The XPLR-IoT-1 explorer kit is so much more than an evaluation board in a box. It has a lot to offer: cellular, short-range, GNSS, and cloud. It really is a technology hub that can be used to develop just about any sensor and connectivity application and is something that engineers can shape to their needs. The flexibility with the usability of this product is exciting - we are thrilled to help launch this product!"


Chris Corrado, vice president of global distribution at u-blox said "We are excited to release the XPLR-IoT-1 kit with Digi-Key, incorporating all four u-blox product centers accelerating sensor to cloud demonstrations to quickly prove design concepts. Whether it is a sensor on the XPLR-IoT-1 or using the XPLR-IoT-1 to connect to a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi sensor, we are excited to see how customers can shorten their proof-of-concept time and try out our latest technologies."

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