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Compact Surface Mount AC/DC Converter ICs with Integrated High Voltage SJ MOSFET for Industrial and Consumer Power Supply Solutions

Compact Surface Mount AC/DC Converter ICs
Compact Surface Mount AC/DC Converter ICs

ROHM has developed the new AC/DC fly-back converter ICs with an integrated 730V breakdown MOSFET that requires no additional heatsinks and no discharge resistors and capacitors. The new BM2P06xMF-Z series (BM2P060MF-Z, BM2P061MF-Z, and BM2P063MF-Z) is ideal for auxiliary power supply and Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) solutions for industrial drives along with home appliances including air conditioners, white goods, and factory automation equipment.


These ICs with both startup and optimized control circuits in a compact high heat dissipation surface mount package (SOP20A) support output power up to 45W and input voltages from 85V to 264V AC. This series utilizes a control circuit that leverages ROHM’s high voltage process and analog design technologies to meet the safety requirements of the IEC 62368 standard even without a discharge resistor. Moreover, these new products support operation over a wide VCC voltage range from 11V to 60V. 


In addition, the original low standby power control technology reduces IC power consumption during application standby, resulting in a system standby power consumption of just 17mW thereby, reducing standby power consumption by more than 90%.



  • AC Low Voltage Protection Function (AC UVLO)

  • X Capacitor Discharge Function

  • VCC Pin Low Voltage Protection (VCC UVLO)

  • PWM Type Current Mode Control

  • Frequency Reduction Function

  • Burst Operation at Light Load

  • Burst Voltage Setting Function

  • Minimum ON Width Adjustment at Light Load

  • Soft Start Function

  • FB Pin Overload Protection Function (FB OLP)



  • AC Adapters

  • Each Household Applications

  • Power Supplies for Motor

  • Industrial equipment including inverters

  • AC servos, routers, and office automation devices


Availability and Pricing

The samples of these devices are now available and the mass production will begin in Jan 2022 with pricing at $2.13/unit.

Component Datasheet

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