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Compact PMDE Package Diodes with Improved Heat Dissipation designed for Factory Automation Power Supplies

Compact PMDE Package Diodes
Compact PMDE Package Diodes

ROHM Semiconductors has added 14 new models to its PMDE package (2.5mm × 1.3mm) lineup that are designed to meet the requirements for smaller protection and switching circuits. The PMDE package improves heat dissipation performance by expanding the backside electrode and optimizing the heat dissipation path. The PMDE package lineup consists of 8 models in the RBxx8 series of Schottky barrier diodes (SBDs), 2 models in the RFN series of fast recovery diodes (FRDs), and 2 models in the VS series of transient voltage suppressors (TVSs).


The PMDE package increases the back electrode area to facilitate the heat dissipation path from the lead frame to the substrate resulting in significantly improved heat dissipation performance, achieving the same electrical characteristics as the standard SOD-123FL package (3.5mm × 1.6mm) within a smaller 2.5mm × 1.3mm size. The PMDE package achieves a mounting strength of 34.8N, approximately 1.4 times higher than that of the zSOD-123FL package, by increasing the area of the metal portion ensures a larger backside electrode area.



  • Significantly improved heat dissipation achieves a 42% smaller mounting area
  • Ensures higher reliability compared to conventional packages



  • Factory Automation Power Supplies

  • Onboard Charger

  • LED Headlamp

  • Car Accessories

  • Engine ECU

  • Transmission ECUs

  • ADAS

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