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Automotive Grade Thin Film Chip Resistors with Superior Temperature Cycling Robustness for Industrial and Medical Equipment

Automotive Grade Thin Film Chip Resistors
Automotive Grade Thin Film Chip Resistors

Vishay Intertechnology has enhanced its MC AT precision series of automotive-grade thin film chip resistors with a wider range of resistance values in the 0402, 0603, and 0805 case sizes. The new MCS 0402 AT, MCT 0603 AT, and MCU 0805 AT offer resistance values from 47W to 1MW, 2MW, and 7.5MW, respectively and typical applications of these devices include DC/DC converters, DC-Linking and voltage dividers for battery management systems, onboard and on-wall chargers, power inverters, e-compressors, and transimpedance amplifier networks.


By providing higher resistance values in smaller case sizes, these devices save space by replacing larger components and reduce costs by eliminating the need for multiple lower ohmic resistors connected in series. These resistors feature operating voltages from 50V to 200V, power ratings from 100mW to 400mW at +70°C ambient temperature, and operate over a -55°C to +155°C temperature range. In addition, these devices are AEC-Q200 qualified and RoHS-compliant.



  • Rated dissipation P70 up to 0.4 W for size 1206

  • AEC-Q200 qualified

  • Approved to EN 140401-801

  • Superior temperature cycling robustness

  • Superior moisture resistivity, |ΔR/R| < 0.5 % (85 °C; 85 % RH; 1000 h)

  • Advanced sulfur resistance verified according to ASTM B 809



  • Automotive

  • Industrial equipment

  • Telecommunication

  • Medical equipment


Moreover, with excellent moisture resistivity, superior temperature cycling robustness, and advanced sulfur resistance in accordance with ASTM B 809, these devices are designed to deliver stable performance under harsh environmental conditions in automotive, industrial, medical, and telecommunications equipment.

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