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Automotive Grade High Current Shielded Power Inductor Series Offer Enhanced Mechanical Strength for Harsh Vibration Applications

High Current Shielded Power Inductor Series
High Current Shielded Power Inductor Series

Bourns, Inc. has announced two new automotive-grade high current shielded power inductor series that offer enhanced mechanical strength for harsh vibration application environments. The new Bourns Model SRP1038WA and SRP1265WA shielded power inductor series are designed with a wider side terminal leadframe capable of withstanding 15 G typical or 30 G peak vibrations, therefore exceeding the 5 G demanded by the AEC-Q200 standard by a factor of three and six times, respectively. These automotive-grade power inductors are ideal for power management and EMI filtering in a wide range of consumer, vehicle, industrial, and telecom electronics applications.


The two series feature a compact package, high saturation current, low DC resistance, low buzz noise, and excellent temperature stability over a wide temperature range of –55°C to +165°C. These devices add advanced capabilities to Bourns’ industry-leading shielded power inductor portfolio by increasing the width of the side terminal frame by more than 50 percent compared to existing Bourns models without increasing the package size or required printed circuit board area. 



  • Shielded construction for low radiation

  • Metal alloy powder core for high saturation current

  • Wide side terminal for enhanced mechanical strength

  • High vibration resistance (15 G typical, 30 G peak)

  • High operating temperature

  • Low buzz noise

  • AEC-Q200 compliant



  • Consumer

  • Vehicle

  • Industrial

  • Telecom electronics

Component Datasheet

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