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64-Mbit Radiation Tolerant Serial Quad I/O Flash Device improves Performance and Reliability for Space and Hirel Applications

64-Mbit Radiation Tolerant Serial Quad I/O Flash Device
64-Mbit Radiation Tolerant Serial Quad I/O Flash Device

Microchip Technology Inc. has extended its family of COTS-based, RT SuperFlash devices with the new SST26LF064RT that uses a 4-bit multiplexed I/O serial interface to boost performance while maintaining the compact form factor of standard serial flash devices. This new device supports full command-set compatibility to traditional Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) protocol and significantly improves performance and reliability while lowering power consumption. Moreover, this device’s high performance and reliability make it the ideal choice for Space and Hirel applications. 


Operating at frequencies of 80 MHz, the SST26LF064RT enables minimum latency execute-in-place (XIP) capability without the need for code shadowing on an SRAM. Further benefits are achieved with SST’s proprietary, high-performance CMOS SuperFlash technology, which significantly improves performance and reliability, and lowers power consumption for high bandwidth, compact designs.



  • Single Voltage Read and Write Operations

  • Heavy Ion Single-Event Effects

  • Serial Interface Architecture

  • High-Speed Clock Frequency

  • Low-Power Consumption

  • Software Reset (RST) mode

  • Temperature Range: - Military: -55°C to +125°C

  • End-of-Write Detection



  • Space qualified applications

  • Hirel applications

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