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1.6T Ethernet PHY with Up to 800 GbE Connectivity for Cloud Data Centers, 5G and AI

PM6200 META-DX2L Ethernet PHY
PM6200 META-DX2L Ethernet PHY

Microchip has introduced a multi-purpose low-power PHY (physical layer) solution PM6200 META-DX2L that enables routers, switches, and line cards to double their bandwidth by transitioning to 112G PAM4 interface rates and offers the connectivity versatility to maximize design reuse across applications ranging from a retimer, gearbox or reverse gearbox to a hitless 2:1 multiplexor (mux). This compact device supports Ethernet, OTN, and fibre channel data rates and proprietary data rates for AI/ML applications. This solution suits a wide range of applications like fabric card and line card in a modular switch/router system, fixed form factor switch/router system, AI acceleration nodes, and compact optical transport platform.


PM6200 META-DX2L solution supports up to 1.6 Tbps capacity in retiming applications and reduces power per port by 35% as compared to its 56G PAM4 predecessor, META-DX1.  The device features 32 SerDes, a hitless 2:1 mux, a flexible crosspoint, and support for additional protocols, such as Fibre Channel and OTN. The high availability architectures and the device latency enable Class C/D PTP at the system level. Moreover, its SerDes can support backplanes and passive Direct Attach (DAC) cables at up to 112 Gbps and can also be configured to reduce power for VSR applications.



  • Up to 1.6 Tbps capacity throughput in a single device

  • Ethernet client support from 1 GbE to 800 GbE

  • 32 LR capable 1G NRZ to 112G PAM4 SerDes

  • Ethernet, OTN, and Fibre Channel retiming

  • Supports proprietary data rates for AI/ML applications

  • 800G forward and reverse gearbox modes

  • Hitless 2:1 mux mode for Working/Protect functionality

  • 16 × 16 crosspoint functionality supports “any-to-any” SerDes connection on both line and host interfaces

  • PRBS generation, diagnostic loopbacks, and eye monitoring on all SerDes lanes

  • Industrial temperature range support



  • Fabric card in a modular switch/router system

  • Line card in a modular switch/router system

  • Fixed form factor switch/router

  • AI acceleration nodes

  • Compact optical transport platform



META-DX2L devices available in compact package size, 23 x 30 millimetre (mm) are expected to sample during the fourth quarter of this year.  

Component Datasheet

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