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Radiation Hardened M6 MRH25N12U3 MOSFET to Withstand Solar and Electromagnetic Events in Aerospace Applications

Radiation-Hardened M6 MRH25N12U3 MOSFET
Radiation-Hardened M6 MRH25N12U3 MOSFET

Microchip Technology has introduced the M6 MRH25N12U3 radiation-hardened 250V, 0.21 Ohm Rds(on), MOSFET for the operation against extreme particle interactions and solar and electromagnetic events in commercial aerospace and defense space applications. The new MOSFET can withstand harsh environments of space, extend the reliability of power circuits, and meets the requirements of MIL-PRF19500/746 with enhanced performance.


The M6 MRH25N12U3 can withstand total ionizing dose (TID) up to 100 krad and 300 krad and single event effects (SEE) with linear energy transfer (LET) up to 87 MeV/mg/cm2. The new device provides the primary switching elements in the power conversion circuits including point-of-load converters, DC-DC converters, motor drives, and controls, and general-purpose switching. The M6 MRH25N12U3 MOSFETs can be used for designing future satellite systems and also replace the existing systems.


Features of M6 MRH25N12U3 Radiation-Hardened MOSFET

  • Screened to MIL-PRF-19500 and JANSR2N7593U3 specifications
  • Low RDS(on)
  • Fast switching
  • Single event-hardened
  • Low gate charge
  • Simple drive
  • Ease of paralleling
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Surface-mount design
  • Ceramic package
  • ESD Rating: Class 3B MIL-STD-750, TM 1020


Note: More technical information can be found on the MRH25N12U3 Radiation-Hardened MOSFET product page.

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