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Nankarrow NeoFlat 1ft x 1ft Absorption Acoustic Foam - Set of 6

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Nankarrow NeoFlat 1ft x 1ft Absorption Acoustic Foam - 1pc - Black Overview :

Nankarrow Neoflat has the highest mass of any acoustic foam due to its flat,smooth appearance with no pattern and is best when sound deadening is desired at lower frequencies.If the budget is tight this solution is for you.Two inch flat foam is most effective on mid-to-high frequency ranges.Manufactured utilising state-of-art CNC cutting equipment,this product ranks among the most professional solution in the area of acoustic absorption.Neoflat acoustic panels provide strong noise reduction.The panels effectively reduce reverberant sounds and eliminate reflection.Positioned adequately and accurately.they will provide for brilliant room acoustics results.
NeoFlat panels edges are beveled,contributing to an elegant look not normally associated with acoustic foams.These panels can be aligned with the next piece to provide professional installation.Anywhere to help block sound and prevent echoes inside the room and likewise.you can use the product to prevent your teenager new band from becoming a neighbourhood nuisance
Perfect to use on corner walls,corner ceilings,etc.Anywhere to help block sound and prevent echoes inside the room.Best when you cover from top to bottom

Nankarrow neoflat provides effective absorption of sound ,takes care of waves and flutter echoes,and give your room a professional touch

Features :
  • Fully CNC laser cut,No imperfections
  • Absorbs Mid and High frequency reflections to control the Ambience of most rooms
  • Alleviates flutter echo and slap back
  • 2 inch thick flat acoustic studio foam panels
  • Wont crumble with age like other brands
  • Absorbs upto 60% better than other brands
Applications :
  • Used to treat small to medium sized areas ,including vocal booths,control rooms,professional recording studios,broadcast studios,home theatres,conference rooms,rehearsal rooms,generator rooms
  • Great for just about any mid to high frequency applications
  • Maximum mass solves all human voice echo problems
Specifications :
    • Weight : 0.5 kg
    • Color : Black 
    • Size : 30cm x 30cm x 5cm (1ft x 1ft x 2in)
    • Units : 6
    • Material : Open Cell Polyurethane Fire Resistant Foam
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    Good product but bit expensive for foam

    On time delivery, I recommend this website for musical equipment

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