And…. they’re of!

Somewhere last year, I had the idea of mashing up Google maps with Flickr to display a map with pictures from around the world.
Some weeks ago, I decided to look into this, and then found Flickrmap.com, a, you’ve guessed it, mash-up of Flickr and Google maps. Needless to say, I was sad.

However, a little bit of investigation shows that Flickrmap has one basic flaw which, however, is an important part of the whole Flickrmap setup: Users have to geotag their photo’s themselves, which is something most users will never do.

I plan on doing things differently. Besides the obvious mash-up, I’ve also imported geospatial information: GPS coordinates of cities.
Throwing these in the mix, it becomes obvious how the maps are generated. The only problem then becomes finding a good list of cities and their coordinates. Indeed, if you know of a good list, please let me know. I’ve found a great list, with no less than 3 million global points, mostly cities. But that’s just too much. I need a shorter list with only the more important points.

That’s it for now. Feel free to comment.